Kowal, the Grey City, is a large settlement in the Eastlands. It is the capital of a city-state that claims a large swath of land along the Weron River. It was an independent city-state separate from Endamas and Uthgard until the latter part of 5707 when it joined the Uthgard Kingdom.

The city of Kowal has reigned over its barren lands in the East since the end of the Great War. Ruled by the Zadeku family for years beyond memory, the city has been content with its own business for hundreds of years.

The City of Kowal

  • Statistics: Crime 6; Danger 5; Economy 3; Law 5; Knowledge 3; Magic 1
  • Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1
  • Size: City, Seat of Barony
  • Government: Aristocracy
  • Economic System: Feudal capitalist
  • Population: 10,800



The new banner of Kowal, instituted in 5707 after rejoining the Uthgard Kingdom.

Old Banners:

Banner of Kowal during the prominence of the Red Guard. The red background symbolized the power of the tower and its piety.



  • Towerview
  • Westgarden: Westgarden grew as the city became a manufacturing hub during the 3rd age. This area became quite bohemian and flourished. When the plague hit, this ward suffered the most. Now, many buildings sit empty. The Tower still taxes this area, which has led to mass vacancies and the growth of the Squats.
  • Squats: Small square buildings on the city’s edge were once the grand idea of the city to house newcomers as they settled in the city for jobs. Once they had earned some cash, these newcomers would move to another ward. As the city declined, this became a section of town that was neglected and forgotten. The Tower did not ever tax these dwellings, so they grew and became a ward in their own right. Now people live here to avoid the taxes and oversight of the other wards.
  • Middleborough
  • Grand Heights
  • Woodward
  • Oldtown
  • Dworvtown
  • Chimneys
  • Waterfront “The Houses”

Places of Interest

  1. The Walled Tower
  2. Darkwinter Tavern
  3. Sascha’s Storehouse
  4. The Den (Wanderer’s Guild)
  5. Ash Cloud Theatre
  6. Factory District
  7. Dworv Town
  8. Melgrin’s Warehouse
  9. Shen’s Mansion
  10. The Broken Chip
  11. Marn’s Refuge
  12. The Cats Herbs
  13. Bizarre Bazaar
  14. M Bar
  15. The Kowal Library
  16. Kowal Barracks
  18. The Greystone
  19. The Druid Grove of Thay

The lands surrounding Kowal




  • 2/3 population died in first plague.
  • low population.
  • Magic is punishable by death.
  • Mass graves all along outer border.
  • War with tyr hurt city
  • Ghul raids make trade hard


Kowal produces a lot of corn during the summer season, feeding its citizens, and allowing trade with our settlements. But it’s main export is metal. Before the great war giant foundries were established and Kowal provided much of the arms and armament for Uthgard. This factories and know how have survived, and Kowal’s factories work day and night smelting ore and producing metalworks for Tyr, Uthgard, and Endamas. While the roads in and out of Kowal are dangerous, they are guarded well for incoming shipments of ore and exported goods. It is a rough life in the factories of Kowal, but one can scrape by with a decent living by working in them.


  • People own property, but must pay the lord a tax on land and income.
  • Magic is forbidden and punishable by death.
  • Thievery is punishable first by loss of a finger, second two fingers, and third by the loss of a hand.
  • Gambling is legal, but in a house of gambling there is a 50% tax on winnings.
  • If accused, both the accuser and the accused are treated the same until the trial. The accused must prove innocence, not be proven guilty.
  • For witchcraft, older methods of torture may be used.

There is the Steel Guard for the Baron’s household, City Guard for people, overseen by the Sheriff, and the Red Guard, a church-backed organization. Magistrates rule the court system and are appointed or dismissed by the Baron.


Weron River to the south. Lesh Forest to the East. Urtgen forest to the North West

Kowal lands including all townships and villages.

Townships, settlements, and villages:


Locales Alphabetical:


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Personalities Alpahbetical:

Major Events

  • 5703 – The Baron’s son, Arnexi, returns from Eredar where he has been silenced for being a Ravager.
  • 5704 – The Red Night. Novro 27th. After a riot and fire in the city, Kowal falls under martial law, and the Red Guard go house to house looking for mages.
  • 5706 – Catastrophe of the Greystone. The Graystone is burned to the ground in a strange event that many can not remember clearly.

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