Called a thieves guild by some in Kowal, the companions see themselves as a specialized workforce for hire. Sure, they may be hired to relieve someone of a valuable item, but they also provide spying and infiltration for the nobility and governing body of Kowal. They are allowed to exist because they are beneficial to those with money and power.

The above-board side of the guild is run out of a large building in the Oldtown district. All services offered through this building are legal, such as protection, finding buyers, or research. This guild is run by a single president and has several contract groups for hire. 

In truth, the Companions is run by a three-person council, and the identities of those individuals are kept secret. They go by the titles of Hand, Eye, and Hood. This higher-tier service system provides services beyond the law. To gain access to these services, one must be vetted and trusted.

While decisions are made for the whole guild by the council of three, each is in charge of their own company. The Hand is in charge of the thieves. They are not your common pickpockets or cutpurses; these are highly skilled cat burglars and thieves. The Eye is in charge of the spies of the Companions. For a fee, they will infiltrate and report back on any confidential information you can imagine. The Hood specializes in those who want a new life or smuggle in goods with no records. 

The Companions House is a sprawling mansion found on Bulwark Lane. The large four-story manse is a maze of rooms, studies, offices, and halls. Those who visit often leave from a different door than they entered, leaving them disoriented. Across the street is the towering Friend and Foe Inn, a business linked to the Companions. 

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