Statistics: Crime 3; Danger 2; Economy 6; Law 5; Knowledge 5; Magic 5
Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1

Size: Small Town

Government: Aristocrat

Economic System: Capitalist

Population: 1543 (Diversity: 98% Terran, 1% Dwarf, 1% other )

Radzyn is a well off smaller town on the bank of Stal Lake. It is best known for its river ship building and fishing.

Notable NPC’s:

Lord Garrot IV

Notable Places:

Trout Shack (Tavern)
Wade, Female Dworv

Tomart – Terran, Male, off-duty guard
Wearda – Teran, Female, farmer
Oswulf – Terran, Male, Hunter

Trout and Bitter Cheese, Ale 1 sp
Salted Pork and Bitter Cheese, Ale 1 sp
Bear Stew and a Pear, Ale 5 sp

Magic has made the fishing more plentiful (True – A druid, Thay traveled through and cast bless on the lakes food sources)
The Lord is thinking of cutting taxes (False)

Rusty Bucket
Egna, Owner, Female Terran
Bill, Cook Terran
Fina, Barkeep, Dwarf

Gery – Male, Terran, Merchant
Baldo – Male, Elfling, Farmer

Boiled Carrot, Mug of Ale (3 cp)
Boiled Sausage and Dried Lentils, Tankard of Cider (11 cp)
Pottage, Mug of Cider (4 cp)
Barley Bread and Blue Cheese, Mug of Bitter (4 cp)

The lord has a new mistress (True)
Uthgard has not sent a garrison to the town, but they will (Probably True)
The lord will be unseated by Uthgard (False)

Behtrot’s Smithy
Jon Behtrotson

The Fallen Yew
Munda – M, Terran, Carpenter

Town guard and jail
Constable Geren – Portly, gruff, fair
Judge Yedda – Xenophobic, older, fair

Cow’s Shoe Cobbler


Wystan the Shipwright

The shipbuilders are wealthy and carry power.
The Sanctuary
Caretaker Eikan

It is odd that Radzyn doesn’t have a Unelesia church, but it has a small sanctuary of the ancient gods.

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