Kowal Library

The Kowal Library is a public library that allows any citizen access to books. They are always looking to purchase or find new or old books.

It is also home to the Society of Librarians.

The library of Kowal is many things to many people. It is a public repository of knowledge, free for citizens to peruse and read. It is the main printing press of the Eastlands, making books more readily available to all. And to a secret few, it is also a group that collects, catalogs, and experiments with magic.

The first floor of the Library hosts the public books, the printing press, and offices. The second floor holds the shelves of rare books and historical artifacts. Below that are the vaults and dormitories, their contents only known to the Society.


The Library of Kowal was formed by a group of monks who were once part of the Unelesia Church. As the church grew more rigid in their practices, the Library grew separated. As time went on, the Library became less and less involved in religious institutions.

Becoming a member

Becoming a member of the Library costs 10 gp and a signature. The new trustee will be issued a  bronze coin which will be imprinted with their fingerprint which they will also leave an impression for matching in the member’s book. This allows the member to check out a single printed book from the first floor, and to visit the top floor which holds rare and one of a kind tomes.



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