Outside the city of Kowal, there is a settlement of elflings. The elflings have built their buildings among the tall trees here in a mish mosh of styles and sizes. The one unifying thing is every building is decorated with plants and flowers. This creates an enchanting effect as the whole settlement changes with the seasons. In fact its name came from how elflings often referred to it. When asked where they lived, they said “Over there, in the tall garden.”

In the center of town is a project that has been evolving, or “living” as the elflings refer to it for as long as the settlement has existed. It is part community garden, part sculpture. It climbs and meanders up into the sky, almost as tall as the trees that surround it.

Tallgarden’s main export is honey, and people come for miles around to get it. The elflings take all manner of trade and payment for their honey, from gold coin to exotic flower seeds!

Tallgarden is located less than half a days march from Kowal, to the West. 

People of Interest

Grandmother Jynnxennlya Krythixynn


Grandfather Kragmaddler Wondybblephax

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