Elmhearth TowerElmhearth was once an old Uthgard keep, but now the Wanderers use it as a base outside of the city.

It is run by Helfen, a veteran Wanderer.


Novro 21st, 5704: The Red Night

After the city fell to martial law to the Red Guard, many fled the city. The Wanderers became wanted criminals, so they and many others headed to Elmhearth. There a small sanctuary was established, a camp for those displaced by the tyranny of the Red Guard.

Elmhearth Encampment

Elmhearth Encampment

 The camp is in desperate needs of heroes who will help find food, secure the area, and help the camp grow.

It is up to you to explore the surrounding area and bring supplies to Elmhearth. The Swordspyne Mountains to the west are largely unexplored, though rumors of eldar ruins, abandoned human settlements, and monsters are told by all.

The unexplored Swordspyne Mountains

People of Elmhearth


Supplies and tradesmen


  1. Gerey Soray
  2. Tane
  3. Tholas
  4. Aegert
  5. Wine Verras (Faun)
  6. Here Verras (Faun)
  7. Nichye Verras (Faun)
  8. Eved
  9. Wychtleue
  10. Frictieue
  11. Maly Teray
  12. Joyce
  13. Eanswild
  14. Frewe
  15. Audreyn Woodye
  16. SunngaWoodye
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