Nulthari is the name given to the mages who are a  branch of the Ministry of the Arts called the Arcane Assembly. They look to gain power over life, to end suffering and disease, and conquer death. Some see this as an avenue to power, others see this as a way to stop the pain of those suffering. They also claim to be able to commune with the dead, but many believe that they are only speaking with those of the Navirim or the Between.


In the 3rd Age the Nulthari were the advisors to the Warlock King and were the chief strategists of the invasions to the South and West (The Great War). They perfected extending life and healed many diseases that the people suffered. 

They also used ravaging magics to win the war leaving the world scarred.

In the 4th Age, the Nulthari are part of the Ministry of the Arts and publicly model themselves after the good parts of the Nulthari from the 3rd Age. Though in any institution power reigns and many within their ranks once again search for answers over life and death. They also seek knowledge of their ancestors’ destructive and powerful magics.


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