Craven’s Hollow

Craven’s Hollow is home to outcasts, thieves, and the unwanted. The home of those who want to escape notice. Many did not choose this residence, but the small group of ramshackle buildings welcome any who do not have any other place.

Once it was Tower Five, the last defensive line of the Kowal barony. It got its nickname as it was the most dangerous post, so often the soldiers stationed here would desert their posts. After they would be found, they were brought back to serve the rest of their days in the dark and gloomy outpost. Even hundreds of years later, as the tower fell into disuse and disrepair, the area never lost its nickname.

Statistics: Crime 7; Danger 8; Economy 2; Law 1; Knowledge 3; Magic 5

Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1 

Size: Tiny

Government: Anarchy

Economic System: Capitalist

Population: 37 (Diversity: 97% Human, 3% other)

Notable NPC’s:

  • Vrede: An old Ishian man who lives in the Tower. He is knowledgeable and helpful. He is badly scarred and missing his right leg.
  • Vesson: a middle aged man who owns the Quick Trader. He is generally grumpy and unpleasant to be around. But he runs a fair establishment for trade.
  • Di: A secretive person who lives on the edge of the forest. They are never seen without their hood and oversized scarf on.
  • Face: A newcomer, he and his band of followers live in the Tents. It is rumored that they are bandits using the Hollow as a base.
  • Grogrem: A dweran who lives in town. He is handy with a hammer, and is known as a general handyman.
  • Wez: An ex-guardsman who was exiled owal
  • Raine: An elfling who lives out in the woods.
  • Dagmara: An older woman who lives out in the forest somewhere. She comes to Town to trade poltices, black rock, and other alchemical items.
  • Tolin: A teenage boy who is very charismatic. He is a minstrel who is quite good at the lute.

Notable Places:

  • Quick Trader: A small general store run by Vesson, a human from Tiren. Rumor is he is a disgraced merchant wanted by the city guard. There are also a few tables and chairs set up and Vesson brews his own vodka. 
  • Tower: The old guard tower. Considered haunted by many, so most stay clear.
  • The Tents: A tent city where inhabitants come and go. 
  • Junkpile: The trash pile of the community. It’s free to take anything left in the pile.
  • Town: when the inhabitants refer to “town”, it is the small gathering of buildings that surround the Quick Trader.
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