Mediev Zadeku

Duke Mediev Zadeku

Mediev Zadeku has been the long time ruler of Kowal. Once he claimed the title of Baron, though he was actually the singular ruler of Kowal as a city state. The title Baron had been awarded to his family centuries ago, and they held the title in honor.

In 5707, when Kowal rejoined the kingdom of Uthgard, Kowal was given extended lands and Zadeku was awarded the title of Duke.

His son, Arnexi, was silenced by the wizards at Eredar. He holds a deep grudge against them due to this. For a long time he supported the Red Guard, who arrested and executed hundreds of so called heretics and witches.

He now has a grudgingly neutral relationship with the Ministry of the Arts, who took over this wing of enforcement for the Uthard kingdom.

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