Red Dagger

A newer gang of thieves and mercenaries, run by Geiron. They are more violent than the Companions, and actively clash with many of the other unlawful groups of Kowal. Their base is in the Squats.

They do not call themselves the “Red Dagger”, in fact Geiron hates the moniker, referring to himself and his followers as “family”. Hewas quoted as saying “A gang will knife each other in the back, their lot is less than a bag of shite. But a family, they are bound by blood. Those are the ones who look out for each other.”

The nickname was given to them from the city guard, as they left a trail of knife wounds and stabbings as they grew in power. While Geiron dislikes the name, the other members enjoy the fear such a violent symbol creates.


  • Geiron – Leader. “Father”
  • Faira – Lieutenant “Mother”
  • Neel
  • Chibs
  • Tooth
  • Deek
  • Leera
  • Tom
  • Petna
  • Leon
  • Zan
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