Red Guard

Active 5685 – 5706

The Red Guard were formed from a faction of Kowal city guards loyal to a well respected guardsman named Damien. In the past 20 years, Damien has shaped the Red Guard into it’s own power within the city.

The Red Guard are strictly anti-magic and have lead hunts for magic users for the past 5 years, often ending in public executions.

Some feel the Red Guard are more powerful than the Baron in the current day, and the sight of their red armor sends many into a panic.

After 5706

In the Fall of 5706, the building was destroyed in what has been named the Catastrophe of the Greystone. Many different stories, from an explosion to a giant demon are reported to have caused this. After its fall, the Red Guard were disbanded.

Kowal became part of the Uthgard Kingdom and the Ministry of the Arts took over the building and began to rebuild it.

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