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The Road West is a campaign that takes place in the Eastlands of Atheles. It centers on the stronghold of Elmhearth, and the Wanderers Guild, of which all adventures in the campaign are a part of. 

Elmhearth was once just an outpost for the Wanderers, an adventurers guild. The nearby metropolis, Kowal, has fallen to dark times. You and others have fled to Elmhearth as a sanctuary. But for Elmhearth to survive, you must help its overseer, Helfen. The refuge needs food, protection, and especially gold. The Wanderers, the adventurers guild, wants a road out of Uthgard into the West. So besides helping supply the encampment, you are also tasked with taking expeditions into the wilds. You should map the best routes for roads, establish strongholds, and tame the wilderness so that there is a safe road west.

The Road West is also a way to test the newly designed SagaBorn Basic Roleplaying Edition. The game was submitted to Chaosium for their designer contest and needs people to help test it and refine the system.


You find yourself in Elmhearth, an outpost for the Wanderers. Kowal has become too dangerous for those who don’t fit within the city’s narrow cultural norms. You have come here for sanctuary and, hopefully, to start a new life away from the oppressive city.

What is the campaign?

Shadows of the Swordspyne is a living campaign, which will be run much like a West Marches campaign ( see Matt Colville’s video on it: Adventures will be player driven, and as we grow, we will add new SGs, new strongholds, and new players.

How is it played (aka how is it a living campaign)?

Elmhearth is a encampment which has become refuge for people leaving the turmoil of the city. The players will all work for the Wanderers, but the game will hinge on their participation. The players have to form a group, decide what they want to do, and contact a GM about setting up a session time. Plans must be submitted at least one week before the game session to give the GM time to develop an adventure.

Here is our Road West West Marches campaign rules page.

What do I need?

You should bookmark the SagaBorn BRP website ( and download Fantasy Grounds (free edition) ( Join our Patreon (even at the free level) to stay up to date.

To be accepted, a player MUST submit a level 1 character sheet and fill out the Wanderer’s application.

How do I run a game?

We are keeping the StoryGuide pool small for now, but will expand in the future. You must play in at least 4 sessions within the campaign before you can apply to be a SG.

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