The Den

The Den is the nickname for the Wanderers Hall in Kowal. The guildmaster in Kowal is Martyn Czemiel, a charismatic, if flamboyant man. His lieutenant is Garric Loshuul a quiet but friendly man. Both have retired from “the road” and happily help others find their calling in the wilds.

The Den is a welcoming place, everything inside made of old polished wood, and the fire is always burning. If you have a Wanderers Coin, then you are always welcome, and there is plenty of space in the common room or the upstairs to pass the cold Kowal nights.

Some say that there are a couple of secret passages in the den that lead not just into the sewers of Kowal, but deeper, into the darker underpass of Atheles. Of course, Martyn and Garric just laugh when anyone asks about them.

The Den - First Floor

The Den – First Floor

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