Dael is a very old blind man. He is weak, and has never adventured until now—this is his very first. He is out of shape and suffers from myriad aches and pains, though he does move around well enough.

He was born without vision, though his hearing is exceptional, and he feels a deep connection with music, particularly rhythm. When he was a child, he would beat rhythmically on items around the house, until his parents bought him a drum. Using his drum, and beating varying rhythms, he learned that he could control the moods of the people around him. He could help them sleep. He could give them and himself surges of energy. It was a subtle gift, but he found it to be powerful as he learned to give small nudges to himself and the people around him as necessary. For this reason, though he never became a man of means, he always survived handily. He is resourceful, and knows how to shift people’s psychological states to help get them through their rough periods.


His parents died of plague when he was a child. When he became an adult, he married, then had a son. A decade ago, his son died in a hunting accident. Then, several months ago, his wife died of natural causes, as she, like him, had grown quite old. It was too late for him to start a new family, and he could not just sit around an empty house, singing along with his drum to no other ears but his own. So he left and began to wander until he found a group of people on an important quest. They recognized his resourcefulness and asked him to join them. They warned him of the danger, but he had nothing to lose, and hoped that if he were to die, it would be while helping others, and preferably with some excitement.

Dael hums to find his way around places, it slows him down, but less than you would imagine. The hum is quiet, most people don’t even notice he is doing it.

Disadvantage: Deaf – Slows speed to 20?, -3 to melee attack.
Advantage: Darkvision 30?, Immune to darkness and blindness magic.

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