• Statistics: Crime 1; Danger 3; Economy 5; Law 4; Knowledge 3; Magic 6
  • Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1 
  • Size: Village
  • Government: Mayoral
  • Economic System: Capitalist
  • Population: 121

The small village of Yorik is to the northeast of Kowal. It is a close knit community that is distrustful of Duke Zadeku. The village has been protected from sickness and famine by old Miss Hartley. They have a more moderate view of magic due to miss Hartley’s “use” of it.


Notable NPC’s:

  • Mayor Bram Hartley: Bumbling, but smart and happy.
  • Old miss Filla Hartley (Mayor’s Mother): Friendly, motherly.



Notable Places:

The Mother’s Milk – Tavern

Owner Gildenstern – Faun (flirtatious, warm)

Booker for adventurers.

Omfoodle’s Shop – General Store

Owner Vim Omfoodle – Elfling Family

Pleasant Iron – Smithy

Cal Hartman – Ex-guard. Dislikes Red Guard

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