Sascha’s Storehouse

The Storehouse is the best place in Kowal to unload goods found in the ruins and wilds of Atheles. Its proprietor, Sascha, is well known to any adventurer in Kowal.

Sascha is an ex-adventurer, who settled Kowal from the far lands of northern Uthgard after meeting his wife. He doesn’t miss his adventuring days, “too much walking” he always says. But by running his “storehouse” he still gets to play with all the trinkets and toys the adventurers bring in to trade and sell.

He is very knowledgeable, but can be a little irritable, cursing at his patrons in the Uthgard language if they get out of hand or ask too much for a “bauble”.

He is a collector of games, loving to experience new ways to test his strategic mind.  The quickest way to this mans heart is a new game with good rules, and a glass of vanilla flavored liquor. Though watch out if the dice or games of chance are not going his way, prices may double on anything needed by those who best him in a game of chance.

Sascha owner of the Storehouse

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