Darkwinter Tavern

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Darkwinter Tavern was opened after the long winter of ’93. Owned and run by Rob Bevaskin, a war veteran and ex merchant. He made his money taking supplies through the harsh lands between the neighboring cities, but “retired” by opening the tavern.

It is a popular place in Kowal for travelers, adventurers, and soldiers.



  • Poached Eggs and Kielbasa 8 sp
  • Rabbit Stew and Hazelnut Bread 5 sp
  • Bread Loaf 2 cp
  • Cheese, hunk of 1 sp


  • Rye, shot 2 sp
  • Rye, bottle 3 gp
  • Ale, Pint (Breaker’s Brew) 4 cp
  • Wine (Tiren Red Blend), pitcher 2 sp
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