Third Age – Age of Kingdoms or the Time of Man (Elven)

  • 1  The first men are encountered by the Elves. They are barbaric and live in the deserts and arid lands that were left from the conquests of Kaldrath. The Elves at first believe them to be inferior and kin to goblins.
  • 224 The first human cities are built. The Elves begin to take notice of their “barbaric” neighbors and even train them in crafts and skills. The humans excel in all and their cultures and population grow rapidly.
  • 1789 The Dwarves awake from their slumber.
  • 3174 The Druid council is formed in the North.
  • 4134 TM The Empire of Ish (called the Ishian Empire in the North) is formed in what becomes known as the Southlands. The first emperor of Ish is Da’atra Tiria. The Tiria family still rules in Ish now.
  • 4467 The city of Selardor is built. It is ruled by Adomar Aradan.
  • 4526 Olaekin Baleband is born.
  • 4558 Olaekin Baleband has conquered most of the North as a warlord, and builds the city of Pardalor.
  • 4629 The Mages of the West are formed. Ruled by three wizards they congregate in a large keep( Keep of Ismaren in the Misty Moor, later called the Miragol Swamp) along the Western coast (Above the Vale of current times). Distrusted, they spend most of their time in solitude.
  • 4656 Strange stories come from Pardalor. Stories of Orovari, orlocks, and goblins openly entering the town. The Orovari migrate north to the lands of Uthgard. House Ka’Dail begins to unite the tribes of Orovari. Questions about the King, Olaekin Baleband begin to arise. His unnaturally long life ( currently 130 years) and his seclusiveness earn distrust within those of the kingdom. He is also rumored to be a practitioner of black arts.
  • 4695 Emperor Kalah of the Ish bans the use of books. During this time many of the ancient texts and tomes are burnt. He also empowers the people of the Jaldur desert, promising them their own nation if they rid the Wildelands of the elves. This leads to a genocide of the wild elves and though they finally push back and defeat the Jaldurians, they are left weakened and forever scarred.
  • 4735 Some Mages split from from the keep and form the tower of Eredar in the east. The first archeons are trained to keep a watch on the powers of mages.
  • 5054 Uthgard begins its war to control Atheles (The Great War, The Aradan War)
  • 5057 Small border skirmishes between the Ishian Empire and Endamas begin.
  • 5059 The Ishian Empire begins invading the Westlands.
  • 5069 Olaekin Baleband, now known as the Warlock-King, defeats a large force of the Ishian Empire’s Army.
  • 5073 The Ishian Empire, worn down by years of war, pull their troops back and fortify their borders. The elves stop their war, the high elves retreating into their forest and some of the grey elves and wood elves that are left lend their aid to Selardor.
  • 5075 The Warlock-king and his armies march on Selardor itself.
  • 5082 Selardor (Capital city of Aradan) is destroyed. The city is evacuated, including the king’s newlywed wife and his son. Aeerumar Aradan, last king of Selar Dor is slain by one of his advisors, Caroth. Uthgard uses an artifact to open a rift from the battlefield into the heart of the city, insuring victory.
  • 5086 War on the West is declared by the Warlock King and his kingdom Uthgard
  • 5087 Bordon repels Uthgard’s forces
  • 5090 Invasion of Norhan (Northlands) almost reaches Seahaven and is repelled. Uthgard retreats and there is an uneasy peace for years.
  • 5132 Second invasion by Uthgard. Seahaven and Bordon, with the help of the Ishian Empire push back the forces of Uthgard and the Warlock King is slain. He uses devastating magic again, ruining the Eastlands. The Disappearance happens.

The Fourth Age

  • 5280 Years of hardship follow as the remnants of the Uthgard army are still strong and cause problems all along the North and Westlands. The Ishian Empire becomes solitary, allowing no traffic to and from their country. The process of rebuilding and relearning is slow.
  • 5368 Empire of Zhouyin invade over the sea. Tyr falls under control of their empire. Lands of the Eastlands (Old Aradan and Uthgard) fall under the control of Zhouyin.
  • 5402 The beginning of the Plague. The Zhouyin Empire falls in disarray. Many return back over the sea, and have not been heard from since.
  • 5414 Knights of the White Eagle rise to power in the Northwest. They use their religious zealotry to sway people’s emotions during the outbreak of the second Plague.
  • 5555 Fall of Grace of the Knights and their Church. Still powerful, but no longer in direct control of the Northan kingdom.
  • 5629 The Third plague ravages Atheles, leaving the cities and kingdoms separated and superstitious.
  • 5677 The first recorded instances of the Return.
  • 5683 The Dark Return. Magic flows through the lands. Demons return to the murky forests. Long lost tribes appear on the horizon. Wars break out dubbed the Return Wars.
  • 5684 The Return Wars end in the winter. 
  • 5685 The lands struggle to keep an uneasy peace. Norhan solidifies its rule of the northlands. Uthgard and Tiren sign an alliance which offers trade to all in the East. The Westlands settle back into comfortable city states looking to Bordon for leadership, but they do not swear fealty. The Ishian Empire opens its borders and allows small bits of traffic. 
  • 5698 South Keep, once a single fortress outpost along the Ishian border, starts to become a well known trade town in the West.
  • 5707 Current day.
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