Kaldrath was an eldar who lead a genocide against his own people for their abuse of the peoples of Uteria.

The Story of Kaldrath

Kalrath’s father, Jariaan, was of high birth in the ranks of the eldar. He did not believe if the eldar’s practices of keeping the elves as slaves and servants. Later in his life he fought the rulers of the eldar to free the elves and to consider them as equals. The eldar kicked him from their society. The eldar felt they were doing him a great justice by not outright killing him. He sought refuge among the elves and their independant smaller city, but he was stoned and ran out of the city. There he died alone in the wilderness, forsaken by his race and those he tried to help. Kaldrath never forgot this. His hatred of of the eldar grew until he left to form his armies to destroy them all. He kept the elves as slaves, feeling pity enough to not kill them, but wanted to punish them forever for what they did to his father.

He fought among the high courts of the eldar to try and free the elves, but they reminded him of the fate of his father. He left the eldar cities and created a refuge high in the mountains of the north. There he built his army, from recruited elves or summoned creatures from the beyond, he plotted the war against his people and the freeing of the elves.

Kaldrath was defeated by the elves and imprisoned in a magical tomb. The tomb is in the limbo between the Navirim and Uteria.

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