Thieve’s Cant

Thieve’s Cant for the Beginning Rogue

Taught by Tritam Swifthands


  1. One of the more common signs for letting another rogue know your profession. You do it by rubbing the palm across the bottom half of the face. There are other ones, but this is the most common.
  2. What the speaker says is important and should be listened to. This is also another way for you to let another know you are a rogue. It is done by placing the thumb into the forefinger while balling the fist.
  3. This one means that the territory you are in is claimed. Work the profession at your own risk. If you cross the path of the current “owner” of the area doing your personal “business” it will probably rub him the wrong way. While most guilds will allow you to do some freelance business, most don’t let an independent rogue set up shop in their town or city. It is done by placing the thumb and forefinger together, with the other three fingers clenched. Then you accompany it with a downward swoop.
  4. This swooping hand gesture means that whatever word the bearer brings is the word from the “higher power” of the area. Oft times this news or information comes from either a guildmaster, guild officer or a powerful thief in the area. It is done by extending all fingers except the pinky finger and doing a downward swoop.
  5. This signifies that this area is a safehaven or that the signing rogue is offering a safe haven. This is done by bringing the tops of the fingers to the thumb in somewhat of a fist.
  6. This one signs danger. It is done by extending all fingers and bringing together the middle and ring finger.
  7. Guards on the prowl or lookout. If you are looking to avoid official entanglement then you’d best be off elsewhere. It is done by balling up your left fist and grasping your left wrist with your right hand.
  8. This means that the powers that be in this area do not welcome you. Normally a quick exit of the area or city is the best move after seeing this. It is done by extending the index and middle finger and crossing them with your thumb.

Well that’s about it for now lad. Remember these well, as it can mean life or death…

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