Back to the city

Adventure Log
It was a long road back to the Den, but you have made it now. Martyn welcomed you back, and even gave Wanderers coins to your new companions. You are wanted magic users, so caution will mark your next few months in the city.

You are to visit the Warehouse district and pose as warehouse guards for Jan Melgrin.


  • The Factories are working again. Weapons and engines are being made. Factories started in full swing about a month ago.
  • A procession of elves from the north were welcomed into the Walled Tower this Fall and left 2 days later. That was before the factories started.
  • Steel has been shipping south as well.
  • The Red Guard seem even more on edge since the deal with the north.
  • The adventurers are wanted, though the search has died down since they have been gone for a month.


What to do.

  • Safehouse in a warehouse.
  • Stay low profile. Disguise in public.
  • Let things calm down a bit.
  • Cure Thay’s Curse
  • Travel to Dwarf Town and meet Dwygar

Things needed to remove the curse:

Removal of the Curse

  • Squid’s Ink
  • Tallow from an unmated male pig
  • Silver bowl with name of the cursed engraved
  • Blood of the Cursed
  • Blood of an Uncursed
  • Charcoal from an ancient oak

Best when Moons are waning, and in a place of power.

Coming Up:

October 31st, 5679 – Mordreen – Harvest End – As the leaves fall, and the harvest is reaped, it holds strong ties to the visualization of death. It is a festival in which people wear masks to hide from Kaldrath and Mooruuk, the gods of death. People also often spend time giving thanks to the spirits of their ancestors. In the east, there is the running of the light, where people run through the town late at night to scare away any evil spirits and hold the servants of Kaldrath at bay.
In the Morning a big feast is enjoyed by most as a remembrance of their ancestors.

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