The gods, deities and spirits of Uteria

Though every culture in Uteria views the dieities in different ways, we all share a common pantheon. According to some texts our beliefs were handed down from the Elves as we awakened beyond the animal mind. Others believe that the gods themselves gave us this knowledge.


Tanthias – God of Justice and Chivalry. Worshipped by many knights, paladins and most people of lawful good alignment. He is often depicted as an old wise man in a ornate robe or as a middle aged man with long moustache and full platemail. Inherited from the Elves.

The One- Also known as the Father, the Creator, or Kerlestrani. The one who began the universe and set the wheels of time in motion. Also created the other gods. Inherited from the Elves.

Arias – Goddess of Marriage and Love. Nurturer, also viewed of as an earth goddess. Inherited views from both the elves and the dwarves. Viewed by some as a goddess of lust and sex, and many sects of this religion argue over this point.Neutral Good

Athana – the Hunter – Athana is unconcerned with the “petty” squabbles of the others. Instead they hunt. While they hunt and rever all creatures, those unnatural beings, such as undead, accrue Athana’s greatest violence.

Sartas – god of travelers, bards, and adventurers. First introduced by the humans. Viewed of as a worn and weathered traveler, with a polished walking stick and long strides.

Rindlebok – god of thieves and trickery. Originally taken from a minor diety of the elves, who is more a fairy than a god. Pictured as a small impish person who thrives on practical jokes and pick pocketing. Also the patron god of the Elflings.

Rom – god of war. A lot of fighters are followers of Rom as legend says that he grants special powers to great fighters who worship him. He is often depicted as a large man in full armor the color of blood, his great sword covered in the blood of his enemies.

Volinus – god of weather. Most followers of this diety are chaotic neutral, much like the weather their god controls. Volinus is also known as a vengeful god, though not as violent as Kaldrath. He is the god that represents the harshness of nature, the opposite of Lunare. This side of his personality often represented by a bolt of lightning.

Moorukk – god of death. He watches over those spirits as they travel from life to thier final destiny. His realm is a dark shadowy world, covered in mist. Followers of Moorukk are most often not welcome in the open, so they have developed a life of secrecy. The arch enemies of followers of Moorukk are vampires. Those who defy death are against everything they believe in.

Dwyrgoth – He is known many places as the Unspoken (Unhamil) as legends say that vocalizing one of his many names draws his attention. He is viewed as a deceiver and a liar, the god of those who work in the shadows. He exercises domination over all those who follow him and shows no mercy. Also called Zaaradhol by those of the southlands and Meeshtoff or Grunndreg by some of the darker races. He is the god of all things dark and evil.

Trund – god of the earth. Many blacksmiths, metalworkers and even some druids worship him. He created the gnomes and dwarves and taught the races the art of wood, stone and metal working. Also called the god of the forge.

Claravis – goddess of magic. She does not grant magical powers, but instead is believed to be the protector and guardian of the balance of arcane powers.

Arcist – god of defiling magic. He is a god of excess and pride. His symbol is a flame in a black hand.

Kala – goddess of fate. Neutral

Lunare – Mother of Nature and the animals. Worshipped by many druids, rangers and monks.

Orum – The god of time.

Kaldrath – god of vengeance and order. Kaldrath has an interesting mythos. It is believed that he rose to power after the other gods and was born on Uteria. He was of the race of Eldar, who enslaved the Elves when they first arrived on Uteria. His story is long and is still tied to strong beliefs within Uteria. His name is considered a curse and many believe he still has the ability to affect the people of the world. He is the only god not trapped in the Other plane, but instead imprisoned deep beneath the earth.

Soth- A god of decay and rotting.

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