Shadows of the Tower: Captured and Pursued

Both moons had started to rise as the day quickly turned to dusk. 

Thay sat with his back against the crumbling wall of the old house. “I just don’t feel right.”

Leshy bent over him, his long slender fingers working over Thay’s brown skin. “It seems the magical energies you released where uncontrolled. Strange. You have an… aura of wrongness. It is the best I can tell. Someone with more power then we must help define this.”

Perrin paced back and forth, peering out the cracks of the broken home. “And what do we do with him?” He pointed at the Orovari elf bound with rope. The Orovari’s eyes blazed behind his mask.

“Eat?” Xynx asked in all earnestness.

Roe rubbed his hand down his old shattered shield. “I don’t know. But we have to make a decision quick, I feel our time here is unsafe.”

Campaign Notes:

  • Thay is cursed, -4 to all rolls until Remove Curse is cast on him.
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