Character Sheets for the upcoming Module

So Paul just finished designing the  character sheets for the pre-made characters, and they look great! We have the standard classes already rolled up and ready to go some players can jump right into the module!

The module is super close to being ready for beta, so we will be posting it up soon for testing!


Hi, this is Josh!  This is my first post on the site.  I plan on updating it once a week or so–we’ve been working on a whole buncha stuff that we’re really excited about, and I’m going to post some of it here as we go.  Feel free to give us any feedback on it!

Off to Gencon!

Well I am off to Gencon this weekend. I will be exhibiting in the Art Show. Josh Harper, who is working on putting together the official Uteria sourcebook and some modules, will be there with me. Be sure to stop by and visit!

New Uteria Art

First finished drawing of Reaver.

This is a drawing of a Reaver, or a Baakmor in Uterian elvish. It is a creature from my own fantasy world of Uteria. They were created by crossing avian and dragon blood. They often serve as scouts or assassins for the darker forces of Uteria.

Status on Aedric

I have been swamped lately with work and have had no time for writing. But I am currently looking to write all during November and hopefully have a complete rough draft by the end of the month.

I will keep you posted.

Aedric Chronicles – Chapter 6

Before Dawn

The tree branches creaked under the heavy snow.

Aedric could hear it from his loft. He was having a hard time sleeping. Before the events earlier tonight he might have been losing sleep due to the Trials the next day, but instead all he could think of was Uriaal. He saw those large black eyes, the crooked wide smile. Aedric stared up at the wooden beams and tried to focus, to calm his mind but he could not find peace. As soon as his mind would calm, Uriaal’s face would emerge from the darkness his mouth opening to swallow him.Continue reading