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The Tomb of Kochun – Print Edition

Finally! The Tomb of Kochun adventure is available for print! It is a 42 page full color book packed with monsters, traps and more to challenge your players! 

This is a level 6-7 adventure set in the World of Uteria. The players have to bargain to gain entry to the Town of Aerville and fetch a couple of artifacts from a nearby catacomb to appease the mayor. The tomb is that of Kochun, a once powerful warlord, who in his aging dementia created a fortress out of his final resting place to keep graverobbers and looters at bay. Traps, monsters, and more await inside the Tomb of Kochun!

This adventure runs on the OGL Pathfinder license.


Site Redesign

So as we approach the publishing of the first book based in the world of Uteria, I have realized that the site needed some love. There will be many changes in the upcoming days, and hopefully most of them will be good!

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Alfiren Enchantress

Just finished a new drawing last night and getting ready to print!

Alfiren Enchanter, Pencil on Paper, 12×18.

This is a drawing that will be featured in my upcoming E-Book “The Elves of Uteria”, written by Dane Collins and myself. We are releasing a sample soon that will feature information on the Elflings of the Vale. Here is a little description of them:

Elflings, or Alfiren as they refer to themselves, average around three and a half to four heads tall. They are ordinarily quite thin, though they don’t exhibit the frailty one might expect in such a small frame.  Most have medium to dark brown hair, though I have seen a few with fiery red. Their eyes call to mind the goats of the north more than human beings.  They are quite large and wide-set compared to our own, resting on the sides of their heads and pointing outwards, giving them little depth perception but allowing them to see in most directions (it is nearly impossible to sneak up on an elfling).  Their pupils are large, diagonal slits in the center of reddish, green, or orange tinted irises.  Their ears are large and pointed like the fey, and they point straight out from the sides of their heads.  Both men and women alike wear their hair long, and typically keep it braided or pulled back into some sort of ponytail.  Their mouths are also a bit large in proportion to humans, which is accentuated by their perpetual broad smiles.  The Alfiren are quick, and as experience has shown, they are quite adept at getting into and out of places without raising alarm.

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Whats Happening in Uteria

So we are still trying to get the module – The Tomb of Kochun – ready for print. The file has been sent in to the publisher, and we are just waiting for them to get it all together.

Danny collins and I have been working hard on a book about the Elves and Elflings of Uteria. Expect a free preview in the next couple of weeks!

Also, the website will soon go under a complete over haul, so keep an eye out for that.

Elflings – Art


Male Elfling, pencil on paper.


Elflings consider themselves one of the first creatures to walk Uteria, and also claim that they gave the original names to many things. The Elves, considered cousins by the Elflings, do not hold to this belief. One should note that the terms Elves, Elf and Elfling are all human or dwarven in origin and each respective race has their own names for themselves, though elflings are quite content with keeping their common tongue name. In fact they readily accept the common tongue that they often have very illustrative surnames as Hilljumper or Stonethrower.Continue reading