Elflings – Art


Male Elfling, pencil on paper.


Elflings consider themselves one of the first creatures to walk Uteria, and also claim that they gave the original names to many things. The Elves, considered cousins by the Elflings, do not hold to this belief. One should note that the terms Elves, Elf and Elfling are all human or dwarven in origin and each respective race has their own names for themselves, though elflings are quite content with keeping their common tongue name. In fact they readily accept the common tongue that they often have very illustrative surnames as Hilljumper or Stonethrower.

Elflings love to travel and can often be found throughout the lands, in inns, or along the roads. They most often travel alone or in a pair, but have sometimes been seen in larger loose knit groups. They are very courteous and generous to strangers, and often expect others to be the same in return.

They are also quite curious, which can lead to them getting in assorted troubles in their travels.


Elflings are about 3.5 to 4 feet tall and are of slim build. They often have brown hair with a natural curl to it. Their clothing is plain, but not crude. They share the features of their cousins, they are slim with angular faces, but a bit softer than the elves. Their eyes are large and bright, and their ears have a slight point to them. They are quick to laugh and unlike the elves, often gain laugh lines and wrinkles on their face. Most elflings have little excess hair, save what grows on top of their head.


Family is very important to Elflings and when they return to the Vale, they often live in large households with their families. Their communities are tightly knit with the governing body consisting of a Mayor, a Judge, a sheriff or militia leader, and sometimes a council of elders.

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