Ferryport Final M BielaczycFerryport was built during the age of kingdoms over 1000 years ago. As part of the old kingdom of Endamas, it was a hub for riverbound trade and the central marketplace for the kingdom. It was built by the dwarves, with an extensive sewer system and 30 foot high walls guarding its perimeter. The city grew large and extended past the walls, stretching from the Forest of Kaelnor to the Altros plains to the north. During the Aradan War and the years that followed, the city suffered many setbacks. The worst was the great plague that beset the city 400 years ago. The city suffered greatly and over half of the population perished. The northern part of the sewer system, which was past the city walls, were blocked off and turned into catacombs. In the following years, the plague had several resurgences, keeping the population low and causing a citywide panic. Thankfully, it has been over 60 years since the last outbreak.


Today, the city is repopulated and thriving, though many empty places can still be found throughout the city proper. The southern areas beyond the city walls have become the main farmlands of the area and trade ships now travel the river regularly. Ferryport swears no allegiance to the kingdoms of Jaeldor or Bordon, though lying between the two kingdoms and being such a valuable trade route warrants its protection from other outside forces.


Despite this time of prosperity, the city finds itself in turmoil as Lord Glycyn, baron of the city, was deposed. The city now scrambles to rebuild its government. Representatives from the neighboring kingdoms have come either to help or to hinder the process, and the political climate is quite volatile and uncertain. The anxiety of the political class has spilled into the common class, lending an edge to the city’s mood, despite its recent economic growth.

For many generations, Ferryport had been ruled by the Glycyn family. But nearly year ago, the ruling baron, Filac Glycyn, was found guilty of treason and imprisoned deep in the dungeons of what was once his own castle. Since that time, the Guildmasters of Ferryport have dedicated themselves to reforming the city so that it is ruled by a council of elected officials. While they struggle to form a cohesive government, Ferryport has become a center of hope, intrigue, treachery, and upheaval.

With the loss of the lord and the guildmasters scrambling to put together a government, most surrounding powers have sent delegations to Ferryport. Each has its own agenda, and many Ferryport citizens feel each has its own conspiratorial intents.


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