Craven’s Hollow

Craven’s Hollow is home to outcasts, thieves, and the unwanted. The home of those who want to escape notice. Many did not choose this residence, but the small group of ramshackle buildings welcome any who do not have any other place.

Once it was Tower Five, the last defensive line of the Kowal barony. It got its nickname as it was the most dangerous post, so often the soldiers stationed here would desert their posts. After they would be found, they were brought back to serve the rest of their days in the dark and gloomy outpost. Even hundreds of years later, as the tower fell into disuse and disrepair, the area never lost its nickname.

Statistics: Crime 7; Danger 8; Economy 2; Law 1; Knowledge 3; Magic 5

Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1 

Size: Tiny

Government: Anarchy

Economic System: Capitalist

Population: 37 (Diversity: 97% Human, 3% other)

Notable NPC’s:

  • Vrede: An old Ishian man who lives in the Tower. He is knowledgeable and helpful. He is badly scarred and missing his right leg.
  • Vesson: a middle aged man who owns the Quick Trader. He is generally grumpy and unpleasant to be around. But he runs a fair establishment for trade.
  • Di: A secretive person who lives on the edge of the forest. They are never seen without their hood and oversized scarf on.
  • Face: A newcomer, he and his band of followers live in the Tents. It is rumored that they are bandits using the Hollow as a base.
  • Grogrem: A dweran who lives in town. He is handy with a hammer, and is known as a general handyman.
  • Wez: An ex-guardsman who was exiled owal
  • Raine: An elfling who lives out in the woods.
  • Dagmara: An older woman who lives out in the forest somewhere. She comes to Town to trade poltices, black rock, and other alchemical items.
  • Tolin: A teenage boy who is very charismatic. He is a minstrel who is quite good at the lute.

Notable Places:

  • Quick Trader: A small general store run by Vesson, a human from Tiren. Rumor is he is a disgraced merchant wanted by the city guard. There are also a few tables and chairs set up and Vesson brews his own vodka. 
  • Tower: The old guard tower. Considered haunted by many, so most stay clear.
  • The Tents: A tent city where inhabitants come and go. 
  • Junkpile: The trash pile of the community. It’s free to take anything left in the pile.
  • Town: when the inhabitants refer to “town”, it is the small gathering of buildings that surround the Quick Trader.


Elmhearth Tower
  • Statistics: Crime 1; Danger 4; Economy 2; Law 3; Knowledge 6; Magic 6
  • Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1 
  • Size: Hamlet
  • Level: 1 
  • Government: Democratic Co-op
  • Economic System: Co-op Capitalist
  • Population: 30 (Diversity: 90% Teran, 4% Dwarf, 4% Faun)

Elmhearth was once an old Uthgard keep, but now the Wanderers use it as a base outside of the city.

It is run by Helfen, a veteran Wanderer.

Current Date: 5709

Refugees continue to come to Elmhearth, though the supplies and shelter are sparse. Most of this who come are those who would be unwelcome in Uthgard; heretic mages, dissidents, and ronin warriors. 

Helfen and Martyn have decided on two things. The Wanderers need a stronghold out of reach of the city and a road to the west. They have assigned Garric to supervise expeditions to find both in the untamed Swordspyne Mountains to the west. 


Novro 21st, 5704: The Red Night

After the city fell to martial law by the Red Guard, many fled the city. The Wanderers became wanted criminals, so they and many others headed to Elmhearth. There, a small sanctuary was established, a camp for those displaced by the tyranny of the Red Guard.

Elmhearth Encampment

 The camp is in desperate need of heroes who will help find food, secure the area, and help the camp grow.

It is up to you to explore the surrounding area and bring supplies to Elmhearth. The Swordspyne Mountains to the west are largely unexplored, though rumors of eldar ruins, abandoned human settlements, and monsters are told by all.

The unexplored Swordspyne Mountains

People of Elmhearth


  • Helfen
  • Iaross (Mage)
  • Garric Loshuul (foreman)

Supplies and tradesmen

  • Ferric Watoss (Trader)
  • Gylas (Alchemist)
  • Feena and Foel (Smiths)


  1. Gerey Soray
  2. Tane
  3. Tholas
  4. Aegert
  5. Wine Verras (Faun)
  6. Here Verras (Faun)
  7. Nichye Verras (Faun)
  8. Eved
  9. Wychtleue
  10. Frictieue
  11. Maly Teray
  12. Joyce
  13. Eanswild
  14. Frewe
  15. Audreyn Woodye
  16. SunngaWoodye


Statistics: Crime 3; Danger 2; Economy 6; Law 5; Knowledge 5; Magic 5
Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1

Size: Small Town

Government: Aristocrat

Economic System: Capitalist

Population: 1543 (Diversity: 98% Terran, 1% Dwarf, 1% other )

Radzyn is a well off smaller town on the bank of Stal Lake. It is best known for its river ship building and fishing.

Notable NPC’s:

Lord Garrot IV

Notable Places:

Trout Shack (Tavern)
Wade, Female Dworv

Tomart – Terran, Male, off-duty guard
Wearda – Teran, Female, farmer
Oswulf – Terran, Male, Hunter

Trout and Bitter Cheese, Ale 1 sp
Salted Pork and Bitter Cheese, Ale 1 sp
Bear Stew and a Pear, Ale 5 sp


Rusty Bucket
Egna, Owner, Female Terran
Bill, Cook Terran
Fina, Barkeep, Dwarf

Gery – Male, Terran, Merchant
Baldo – Male, Elfling, Farmer

Boiled Carrot, Mug of Ale (3 cp)
Boiled Sausage and Dried Lentils, Tankard of Cider (11 cp)
Pottage, Mug of Cider (4 cp)
Barley Bread and Blue Cheese, Mug of Bitter (4 cp)
Turnip Stew and a Beer (3 cp) (secret menu)


Behtrot’s Smithy
Jon Behtrotson

The Fallen Yew
Munda – M, Terran, Carpenter

Town guard and jail
Constable Geren – Portly, gruff, fair
Judge Yedda – Xenophobic, older, fair

Cow’s Shoe Cobbler


Wystan the Shipwright

The shipbuilders are wealthy and carry power.

The Sanctuary
Caretaker Eikan

It is odd that Radzyn doesn’t have a Unelesia church, but it has a small sanctuary of the ancient gods.


  • Statistics: Crime 2; Danger 2; Economy 6; Law 8; Knowledge 5; Magic 5
  • Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1 
  • Size: Village
  • Government: Mayoral, Aristocracy
  • Economic System: Capitalist
  • Population: 89 (Diversity: 90% Human, 6% Elf, 3% Dwarf, 1% other)


Secton was once just Tower Six, one of the many guard towers along the borders of Kowal. Due to its location on the main road between Kowal and Fort Utliest, a small town sprang up next to it. After the great War and the Uthgard kingdom fell, the tower was no longer manned by soldiers, but the small town continued on. 

In current day it is a town in change again. The Uthgard kingdom in its alliance with Kowal, has marked Secton as a place of interest. Uthgard and the Unelesia Church have begun construction on a school for those touched by God and blessed with powers. The Red Dragoons have also started to build a Keep here to fortify the road to the north.

Some of the  old residents are unhappy about this, as they do not wigs to see their town change so much, while others see this expansion as a welcome growth. 

Notable NPC’s:

Mayor Margery Ellebeth – the elected mayor of the town, Margery has made the Kowal government happy with ridgid tax collections, but has also gained the love of her citizens as she has been very fair and honest with them. She is strict to the rule of law, but has a kind heart and may look the other way if her people need it. 

Lady Lanafar – Headmistress of the Divine Academy

Knight Hurst – the head of the Red Dragoons in Secton. He was appointed by the king to make the town and the school a stronghold for Uthgard. 

Notable Places:

Tower Market


  • Eva Harls – Blacksmith and weaponsmith
  • Gurdris Gemstone – Jeweler
  • Sol – Rye distiller
  • Margery Ellebeth – Carpenter
  • Theodoric Predrow – Book, map and paper seller


The Dusty Shield Inn

The innkeeper is a male dwarf named Kjorni. He was once an adventurer, but retired to marry and raise a family. He is married to Margery.

A large wood and stone building, it was once the barracks for the tower. Old shields of Uthgard and Kowal adorn its walls.



  • Roasted Mutton and Pinenut Bread, Tankard of Stout (9 cp)
  • Wheat Biscuits and Curd Cheese, Mug of Stout (2 cp)
  • Boiled Eggs and Oat Bread, Tankard of Ale (8 cp)
  • Vegetable Stew, Mug of Ale (5 cp)
  • Stewed Boar and Mushrooms, Tankard of Bitter (10 cp)
  • Stewed Deer and Barley Biscuits, Tankard of Stout (8 cp)
  • Salted Whitefish and Cabbage, Tankard of Beer (8 cp)

Other NPCs

  • Aledyn – A druid who is visiting the town to find out more about the school being built.
  • The Forgelighters – a feral elfling tribe. They are staying outside of town, but came in to trade.



Outside the city of Kowal, there is a settlement of elflings. The elflings have built their buildings among the tall trees here in a mish mosh of styles and sizes. The one unifying thing is every building is decorated with plants and flowers. This creates an enchanting effect as the whole settlement changes with the seasons. In fact its name came from how elflings often referred to it. When asked where they lived, they said “Over there, in the tall garden.”

In the center of town is a project that has been evolving, or “living” as the elflings refer to it for as long as the settlement has existed. It is part community garden, part sculpture. It climbs and meanders up into the sky, almost as tall as the trees that surround it.

Tallgarden’s main export is honey, and people come for miles around to get it. The elflings take all manner of trade and payment for their honey, from gold coin to exotic flower seeds!

Tallgarden is located less than half a days march from Kowal, to the West. 

People of Interest

Grandmother Jynnxennlya Krythixynn


Grandfather Kragmaddler Wondybblephax


  • Statistics: Crime 1; Danger 3; Economy 5; Law 4; Knowledge 3; Magic 6
  • Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1 
  • Size: Village
  • Government: Mayoral
  • Economic System: Capitalist
  • Population: 121

The small village of Yorik is to the northeast of Kowal. It is a close knit community that is distrustful of Duke Zadeku. The village has been protected from sickness and famine by old Miss Hartley. They have a more moderate view of magic due to miss Hartley’s “use” of it.


Notable NPC’s:

  • Mayor Bram Hartley: Bumbling, but smart and happy.
  • Old miss Filla Hartley (Mayor’s Mother): Friendly, motherly.



Notable Places:

The Mother’s Milk – Tavern

Owner Gildenstern – Faun (flirtatious, warm)

Booker for adventurers.

Omfoodle’s Shop – General Store

Owner Vim Omfoodle – Elfling Family

Pleasant Iron – Smithy

Cal Hartman – Ex-guard. Dislikes Red Guard