Mini RPG Adventure: The Summoner’s Lair

The Summoner’s Lair in the Old Zhou Ruin

SagaBorn Scenario for 2-4 players, Level 2-3

The Cult of the Gray has taken refuge in an old Zhou stronghold. When the Zhou invaded the Eastlands they conquered most of the lands between the Ostiana Ocean and the Swordspyne Mountains. After the invasion began to splinter, many of the old military leadership broke off into warlords who tried to hold onto power.

This was the hideout of Wuan the Chained Blade who died of an arrow wound. His warriors buried him in his throne room and continued to use the rest of the hideout until their band was waylaid by soldiers from Fort Utliest. It sat empty for a century until the Cult found it.

The cult is using it as a place to try and summon a powerful demon from the Navirim, but they have yet to be successful.

1. The Guards

Two heavily muscled women stand at the front gate of the hideout, on alert for any intruders.
(2) Lvl 2 Brawler

2. The Entry Room

This large room stands empty and dark. The only light filters in from outside.
A iron gate with a DC15 lock is along the Northern wall, and a dimly lit corridor to the West leads to the Summoning Room.

3. The Summoning Room

A large room is lit by five candles on the floor. A circle, drawn in blood, connects the candles. In the center of this circle a 7’ tall skeleton sits on its knees, blood flowing eerily along the outside of its bones.

The Cult used some of the cow blood (in the barrel along the wall) to summon and bind a shade from the Navirim. The skeleton can not speak, and is another failed experiment of the cult. It can not leave the binding circle. If the candles are extinguished or the line disturbed the skeleton can escape. If this happens it will run to the study and attack the mages inside. When the mages are dead, it will be freed and crumble to the ground.

(1) Eldar Skeleton

There is another iron gate along the Northern Wall, locked with a DC15 lock. The Corridor to the West leads to the Study.

4. The Study

Bed and bookshelves fill this musty room, a living quarters and study for those who reside here.

(2) Lvl 2 Wylder (Cult members)
(3) Zombies

Initiates have silver daggers and each have 10 gp of spell components.
Minor book of forbidden knowledge.
Ritual of binding and summoning and portent

6. The Old Throne and Worship Area

As you enter this area, rats curry away to small cracks in the walls. A throne rises from the ground, a skeleton perched atop it holding a sword and wearing a crown.
The throne is trapped, but the skeleton is long dead.

Fusillade of Darts: CR 2; mechanical; location trigger; manual reset; Atk +12 ranged (1d4+1); multiple targets (fires 1d4 darts at each target in two adjacent 5-ft. squares); Awareness DC 20; Thievery DC 20. Market Price: 200 gp.

Jade Crown (1000 gp)
Chain Blade (Large Slashing Weapon ) 1d8, 75 gp

A large statue of a figure, its hands outstretched, sits on a dias. Before it on the ground is a small bowl of dusty gold coins and a pile of rat bones.
Knowledge check, DC 18: This is an altar to Kaisen the Zhou god of wealth.

The gold is an offering and is poisoned, any who come in contact with it must immediately roll a Fort save.

100 Zhou gold pieces (poisoned)
Neela Leaf Extract: Contact, DC16 Fort, Instant, DMG 1 CON, 1 save, worth 300 gp

7. The Cavern

Darkness cloaks this natural cave, its entrance breaking into the mortal made dungeon walls. When you approach you hear a terrible cackle and a horrible creature shambles into view. A fleshy spider, its 8 legs ending in human like hands, turns its boil-covered face towards you. The monstrosities mouth splits into a devilish grin.

(1) Drekava
(3) Small Spiders




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