The Navirim – The Dream World

The most mysterious source of energy is the dream world. Called the Navirim by the ancient elves, these days it is more often called the Never by superstitious folk. In the tomes, it states that the Navirim is a mirror of our world in many ways…a dark twisted version, but with many similarities. It is said to be inhabited by shadowy creatures and beings that many believe haunt our dreams. In the past, there are accounts of things crossing over, but thankfully there is no proof of recent breaches into our world.

Treatise of Magic, by Deen Hyton of the Mage Tower, 5701

Many would curse those who betray them to the Never…that dark fairy land where horned creatures bake children in giant fires, gray skinned devils sink hooks into the skin of the cursed, hanging them from chains, and beautiful, cruel sirens seduce us in order to consume our spirits. It was safe to speak of this in the past, because these were just fairy stories, but now we know that the Navirim is indeed an actual place, just out of reach, but forever there. How do you fight the immaterial inhabitants of your nightmares?

Dsk Muerd, Chronicler, Druid


Dreams in Uteria

Dreams are dark in uteria.


The Link to the Dream World

The elves call the creatures from the Navirim the Unvari. Humans call them demons or dark fey.

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