The Third Mission

Ces 27th, 5704

Report from Matrick:

Stonesplitter and I safely traveled to Yorik,met Mrs.Hartly and bought the needed supplies for the alchemist. She interrogated us a little to make sure we weren’t connected to The Red Guard.She appears to have struck some sort of deal with The Red Guard to keep them from harassing the people of Yorik. We also bought some supplies from Vin’s general store.We did offer to help if Mrs.Hartly ever needs in exchange for a steep discount. In Yorik we also learned that The Red Guard is out on the lookout for the heroes of dwarftown. So we may have some allies out in the woods somewhere.


On our return we came across three Red Guard people. I expertly hid Stonesplitter under the cart and convinced them I was a merchant headed south. They insisted on checking our cart anyways and declared that it was all witch supplies. They wanted to confiscate the supplies and I was in the middle of convincing them to let me sell the stuff and I’d provide them with a list of buyers for them to investigate. Offering to uncover any witch covens. Then Stonesplitter lost his nerve and drove his pickaxe through a foot. So anyway, I started blasting. Now I don’t see so good with my glasses fogged up so I’m hitting a lot of horses and they’re running off. Knights are tumbling off and landing on their heads. Stonesplitter is hopping around and striking blood everywhere with his pickaxe. Anyway, you guys all think I’m a hero, and I’ll accept that responsibility.

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