The Importance of the Overland Map in the Shadows Living Campaign

The map is what will allow the players to define where they want to adventure. This campaign is driven by the players not the GM. Gm’s will state when they have open times for play, but it will be the players who form a group, decide where to go, and then ask the GM for a play slot.

All adventures will start in Region H6 – Elmhearth. The further away you get, the more dangerous it will become. Each hex is 6 leagues (18 miles) and that will be one day of travel with no distractions. 

The Players control the Map.

Important Map Points

  1. The players are the ones who will update the map with the locations of encounters, dungeons, etc.
    1. This can be done in a image editor, in google slides, or an online source like These player maps can also be uploaded and included in the Fantasy Grounds SoS campaign for in game reference.
  2. The map is unreliable.
    1. The adventurers may think a dungeon is in a certain hex, in a certain region, but they are adventuring in a wilderness, with out the benefit of overhead views for cartography. Map making is a little less exacting.
    2. The GM will not abuse this. This is just to give some leeway to adventures and design. We won’t move a dungeon halfway across the map. 
  3. Food and water matters.
    1. A ration feeds a person for one day (Elves can eat half a ration). Waterskins hydrate for one day. You can use survival or other skills to find food, but this will slow travel.
  4. Treasure Weight is important.
    1. A statue of Tanthias may fetch a hefty price from the markets of Uthgard, but how will the players get it back to Elmhearth over rugged terrain?
    2. Satellite bases can be built, as well as roads, but this will take time, protection, and money. This will make it easier to transport findings, but will also add to other adventures.


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