SoS01 – The encampment has started to grow


Helfen is a large man, and when he stands in the doorway of the keep, he seems even larger. His wild gray hair stands out in all directions from chin to temple.

“Well, the first few families have started to show up. And that means we need to be ready for more. We don’t have much food in store, and no where near enough to get through winter. So we need to do some hunting, or find some stuff to sell to make some gold.”

He points to the wooden board beside the door. This is the Task Board. I’ll post jobs there for any to see. 

“I am working on a very limited budget here, so I can only offer a little gold. But don’t worry, anything you donate to the cause will be accounted for and once this mess in Kowal is handled I will make sure you will all be rewarded based on how much you helped.”

“We have two new families, the Jurgensons, who left Kowal because they feared the Red Guard would see their son’s ailment as a sign of witch craft. And the Boughs, a faun couple who left do the xenophobia that the damned Church is instilling in people. Make them welcome and and help you give them will also be accounted for.”

“Now who wants to go on the fist venture?”


First game session

Max 6 players.

Available dates: January 2nd-16th

Request must be turned in by December 31st (with chosen player characters). Request can be sent via contact form. Discord or Facebook should be utilized to build the group.

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