What are the goals of the living campaign?

For players 

The goal of the living campaign for players is to give back to those of you who have supported SagaBorn over the years. I am so humbled and appreciative that you all have followed me on this journey and continued to help this world and these books become a reality. The least I could do is run some games for you. 

Also, as I will be at less conventions over the next few years, this is a way to play with those of you who I have played with for years.

For characters ( in world goals) 

There are two main goals for the living campaign.

The first is exploration. The Wanderers have wanted this area of Atheles explored, mapped, and documented for years. Helfen is happy to have the influx of adventurers to make this happen. 

The second is support of the camp. Helfen is disgusted by what is happening in Kowal, and he welcome all with open arms to the camp. But that means he needs resources. When adventurers return to camp they can sell treasure and equipment to Ferric Watoss or they can donate it to the encampment by giving it to Helfen. Donations will be tracked and recorded.


These are just the start. We will build story goals, character goals and more as we delve deeper into the campaign. 

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