Shadows of the Tower Living Campaign: Investigating the Raiders

Intro into the adventure:

The Spring has been wet, and the forest smells of old leaves and damp soil. You have been sent into the wooded mountains to investigate disappearances. Farms have been raided. Merchant wagons have disappeared. The people are worried, so the Baron has hired the Wanderers to investigate. You were led to a base camp run by a squad of dwarves. Its leader, Mort, assigning each group a section of the mountains to investigate. Your job is to find the source of the raids, attain proof of the culprits, and return to Mort.

Adventure Epilogue

The adventurers returned to the dwarven camp, dragging behind them two large wormlike monstrosities. Behind the creatures came the freed farmers and merchants, they looked tired and frightened. Others from the camp rushed out to help the survivors.

Levi pulled his hood up, not enjoying the looks from the others in the camp. He moved to the shadows as they continued through the camp.

Mort, a grizzled dwarf came out from a large tent at the center of the camp when he heard the commotion. Oxton, in his usual brash manner, walked right up to the dwarf and clapped him on the back, “Welp, it seems we solved your problems. Peasants have been freed, we come back victorious, and the bards will sing our praises.”

Goldcloak sat down heavily on a stump near a campfire. His bandages were soaked with sweat and blood. Jer came close to inspect the bandages, but with a glance around thought better than to try and healing in front of so many eyes.

Lyla had already grown bored with the banter, and had wandered off somewhere in the camp.

Mort’s eyes grew wide when he saw the creatures they had drug into camp. Another dwarf, who was as broad as he was tall and missing an arm loosened his sword as he approached with Mort. “Well lads and lady, you did well to help these poor citizens, but it looks like our troubles have just begun. These are orlocks. And they haven’t been in these mountains for as long as the elves have been gone. This is bad news for us.”

Lyla popped up again, the small elfling somehow right next to Mort and poking the strange humanoid-faced worms with a stick. “They sure are ugly. And their lair stunk. These guys were cocooning some of the farmers when we found them. It was pretty gross. And not a single crystal or gem to be found in the whole place.”

The one armed dwarf drew his sword and with a swift motion pierced each creature’s skull with it. He looked to Mort, his hardened features growing more grim.

Mort motioned to some other dwarves, “Burn these things and send word to Kowal. There is going to be more trouble soon.”

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