Shadows of the Tower: Path of Two, Adventure One

Apra 4th – Dusk

The moons had started to appear in the darkening sky. The wooden bridge creaked in the wind over the chasm behind the adventurers.

Two bandits struggled against their bonds. They tried to cry out, but Roe had muffled their foul mouthes with strips of cloth. Thay tended to their wounds. He turned to the others.

“We did not have to kill them, we could have incapacitated them.”

Leshy looked up, he strange eyes seemed puzzled. “What does mean, incapacitate? These were enemies. Enemies get defeated.”

“And now what do we do with them? We have to get to Elmhearth, and they will just slow us down.” Roe seemed a little uncomfortable straying from the mission.

Leshy interjected, “We defeat them. Then we go.”

The rogue looked ready to say something when the older bandit loosened his mouth gag enough to talk, “No reason for all of that. I can pay you. And pay you well, if you let us go.”


The adventurers left Kowal and headed north. In the forest, they were attacked by wolves, though they successfully defeated or scared off the beasts. On the third night they arrived at the Northguard Inn.

They sat at the large round table, which seemed a little short. They then found out that they had taken a dwarven patrol’s regular table. After a night of drinking and stories, the dwarves challenged the group to a wrestling match.  Leshy successfully defeated a one armed dwarf, and after such a good show, Mort pledged his and his “Irregulars” friendship to the adventurers.

Continuing on the Elmhearth, the adventurers ran afoul of some bandits at a large bridge. The bandits were defeated, though two survived and were taken prisoner.



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