Shadows of the Tower: Dreams in the Dark

Roe awoke with a start. His hand reached reflexively for his shield, only to find the nightmare was true. His symbol of the order destroyed, crumbled in what could have been a death blow. Even knowing it served its purpose, it hurt. A smith must be able to fix it.

Dreams came back from some murky place in his half awake mind. A sound of someone shuffling to the left, Leshy rubbed his eyes, they looked more sunken than normal. Roe broke the silence, “Strange dreams? Me too.”

“Was she in them?” Leshy looked seriously at Roe.

Thay answered, rustling as he turned over, “The woman with the black eyes?”

Roe paused, “Yes. She helped us after we used the portal stone.” Roe pulled the green stone from his pouch. It still felt a little warm.

Perrin, who sat on against the wall near the door looks over. “I did not sleep, but there is something… Familiar about a woman with black eyes.”

Leshy was quiet, but his concerned brow furrowed deeper.

Thay looked off into the darkness. “She welcomed us, and told us she would always be there to guide us. She is who brought us here.”

“And she said there was something here for us to see.” Roe looked down at the stone.

Campaign notes

The temple of the valley

  • The Guard was left to leave
  • Portal stone was taken by roe

The ogre cave

  • Roe almost died and his legacy shield was destroyed
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