The cold road out of Kowal.

The first adventure under the Shadows of the Tower

Three left the relative safety of the walls of Kowal behind. A dwarven librarian, an old blind musician, and an adventurous elfling. Sent on a seemingly small errand to check on a farmer’s claims of ancient ruins. The contract they received offered a payment for any artifacts found and returned, as well as earning their Wanderer’s Coin.

Halfway through their journey, they were caught in an electric acid rain storm, and sought shelter in an old crumbling inn. That night they were attacked by a band of small demon creatures. In the middle of their battle, a red headed dwarf, sent by the Wanderers as well, burst into the old inn and helped defend their sanctuary. Thorbard the Librarian took a chance of using magic in front of his new companions, putting the demons to sleep. Having been confronted by creatures from the Navirim, the companions were phased little by his magic, especially when it was used to heal their wounds.

After meeting with Farmer Elm a few days later, the companions found their way to and old grove of ancient trees. There they found a tunnel leading into a hill side, warded by runes and fire glyph traps.

They headed into the darkness, finding the ruins to be inhabited by ancient undead. Fighting through their fear, they took down the creatures, finally barricading themselves in a room to rest and prepare to venture deeper into the catacombs.

How to join the Shadows of the Tower Living Campaign

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