Shadows of the Swordspynes Adventurers

Helfen’s List of Adventurers


  • Lisabeth –
  • Level 1 Bard
  • Discord: DnDungeonMaster

Lisabeth is an independent and inquisitive young woman who is trying to learn about the world and herself.

  • Marrik Stonesplitter
  • Level 1 Rogue
  • Discord: Lionheart the 1st

I am a grizzled and scarred Half Dwarf, with shoulder length black hair and a beard halfway down my chest. My blue eyes peer out from under thick black eyebrows. My nose has been broken multiple times, and there is a white streak through my beard where a scar runs from the edge of my mouth down to my neck.

I appear to be what a human would consider middle aged, and am 5’5″ in height. A keen observer would notice that I walk much lighter on my feet than any of my full-blooded Dwarven brethren. I wear cobbled together hide armor/clothes, and carry a pickaxe across my back.

My gruff/grouchy demeanor is not easy to be around. Mostly I attempt to keep quiet while spending time around others, but my deep angry voice issues forth short terse answers when forced into conversation.

  • Matrick
  • Level 1 Ranger
  • Discord: Joe Slucher#2310 

Despite his height of 6’4, Matrick, still looks more like a boy than a man at only 18 years of age. A gangly pencil-necked boy with a desperate attempt for a beard growing on his face and a head of hair that looks like a pile of springs that bounce wildly with every movement. His clothes are of good quality and designed for utility rather than appearance. He has a leather-wrapped notebook strapped to his thigh at all times. If you have seen him around town, he always seems to be in a hurry.

  • Ripley
  • Level 1 Wylder
  • Discord: Bludias

Human, Male, around 40 years. Wylder Battle Mage. For hire, but when the family calls for aid, will leave party for the time it takes to settle the need. Wanderer, doesn’t try to form lasting bonds but won’t deny them if they happen.

  • Tilda Ironforge
  • Level 1 Rogue
  • Discord

Tilda stands about two inches shy of five feet tall, with a ruddy brown complexion and shockingly bright blond hair. Her eyes are deep blue and have a perpetual look of sadness about them. She is well-muscled, especially about the arms that look to have been worked at a Dwarven Forge. She perpetually carries a forging hammer that looks older than she is.

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