Campaign Quick Start Guide

How to join the campaign:

  1. Join our Facebook Group
  2. Download SagaBorn 1.5
  3. Fill out Campaign Survey
  4. Roll a level 1 character or pick a premade. Premade characters will still need a race, racial bonus, and fear to be chosen. Watch this video if you need help making a character:
  5. Email character sheet (can be a word doc, text doc, google doc, PDF) to (Character sheets will be entered into Fantasy Grounds and that will become your main character sheet)

Scheduling a Gaming night:

  1. Find some companions. The least we will run for is 2, the most is 6. You can find them in our Facebook group or Discord.
    1. Also discuss dates and times so they can be included as a request for the GM.
  2. The adventurers discuss what they want to do on the adventure.
    1. You can check the Task Board.
    2. You can review the map and just go exploring.
  3. Send in a request to the GMs at the Adventure Contract Form.
  4. Allow at least a week for the GM to construct the adventure.
  5. Find a suitable date for everyone.
  6. Adventure!

Prepping for a Gaming night:

  1. Join our Discord channel.
  2. Install the Demo version of Fantasy Grounds
  3. Have a microphone for your system as we will be using Discord’s voice chat.
  4. Connect to game via Fantasy Grounds.