Statistics: Crime 5; Danger 7; Economy 2; Law 4; Knowledge 1; Magic 3

Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1 

Size: Town

Government: Feudal 

Economic System: Capitalist

Population: 440. 100% human

Notable NPC’s:


  • Priest Gerard Hugh: leader of church and village. Feared and respected. He believes those in the keep serve god and should be protected.
  • Gorski family: run the inn and tavern. Friendly, fearful, religious.
  • Jolan Cholarty: Constable, Lvl 4 Brawler. Untrusting, gruff/


Notable Places:

The Broken Goat

Inn and tavern

Run by the Gorski family. Wilhelm, Pawa, and Prot




  • Horacy Banaszek, farmer
  • Marin Matczak, baker
  • Artur Raczka, hunter



  • The lord is an upir
  • Demons rule the castle.
  • There is a cult in the castle. 



The Unelesia Church

Priest Gerard Hugh, Level 3 Luminar, Short, portly, immaculate.

Self serving, pious, arrogant

Will cure for money and worship.


Country Hammer, General Store

Run by Tam Bale

Buy 50%, sell Standard


The Cauldron

Run by Verlm Blueroot

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