Unelesia Church

There are many churches throughout the lands, but the one most are familiar with is the Unelesian Church, or Church of the One. The Unelesia Church rose in favor after the Great War. The world was suffering, and it gave hope. It told people that with faith and good deeds, your afterlife would be better than life on Uteria. It grew in power and influence swiftly, and became opulent and ritualistic. Then, as the plagues began to ravage the lands, its centralized power weakened and the Church became regional, with each sect having its own set of beliefs.

The Valetta region of the  Church saw evil and Kaldrath around all dark corners and persecuted those who they saw as colluding with evil. The Endamas Church was separated from the more strict northern sects and became tolerant and open to the populace.

Now that magic has reemerged, each branch of the Church is struggling to cope with something that complicates their views of faith and spirit.

In the Endamas region of the world, the Unelesia of those regions has welcomed in some of the “blessed.” In Ferryport, they have even opened up part of their school to devote to those given the gifts of the Creator.

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