Upir (Fighter lvl 4)

Challenge Rating: 6

Size: M

Type: Undead

Initiative: +2



Hit Points: 36 (4HD)

Armor Class: 20, touch 12, flat-footed  13 ( +2 DEX, +3 Armor, +5 Misc )

Saves: Fort +6 Ref +4 Will +1

Weaknesses: Sensitive to light, silver



Speed: 30’

Base Attack: +4

Melee: Mace +7 (1d6+3, 19-20)

Ranged: +7

Special Attacks:  Life drain; dominate; create spawn;

Sanity Effects: First Encounter 1/2d6, Life Drain



Abilities: STR 16, DEX 14, CON 12, INT 8, WIS 8, CHA 8

Skills: Acrobatics +4, Athletics +5,  Awareness +1, Endurance +4, Knowledge -1, Persuasion -1, Spellcraft -, Survival 0, Thievery +4

Talents: Advantage, Expanded Critical, Over-extended Attack, Stunning Strike, Take a Hit

Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 1 (Talent), Fast healing 5, memories of the past; mindless victims; immortal; Spell-like abilities –  haste, spider climb, alter self, gaseous form



Environment: Any

Organization: Single


Treasure: Standard


Armor: Studded Leather


Creating an Upir



+3 to base creature’s CR


Size and Type

The creature’s type changes to undead. Size is unchanged.


Hit Dice

Increase all current and all future Hit Dice to d12s.



Same as base creature.


Armor Class

The base creature’s Armor Class improves by +5



An upir retains all attacks of the base creature.


Sanity Effect

First Encounter 1/2d6, Life Drain

Special Attacks


Life Drain

An upir can drain the energy from a victim. It must make a successful Heroic Action to pull the energy from its victim. It is an opposed Will save roll vs CHA ability mod. If the upir is successful, the victim takes 1d8 damage and the upir gains 1d8 health. The victim also must roll a Sanity Check (1/1d6)



A upir can crush an opponent’s will just by looking onto his or her eyes. This is similar to a gaze attack, except that the upir must use a standard action, and those merely looking at it are not affected. Anyone the upir targets must succeed on a Will based Heroic Action vs Persuasion or fall instantly under the upir’s influence. The victim gets to make a Heroic Action check once per round if under the upir’s influence. After three fails they are under their influence for 24 hours.


Create Spawn

An upir can feed upon a victim and through an arcane ritual turn its victim into an upir.


Special Qualities


Fast healing

An upir regains 5 HP per round, unless in full sunlight.


Memories of the Past

As an upir drains its victims life, they slowly gain the memories and thoughts of the victim.


Mindless Victims

If an upir drains enough from its victim, the victim loses all sense of being and becomes a mindless slave of the upir.



An upir is immortal and can not be slain, unless it is taken to zero HP, a wooden stake put through its heart, and its head cut off with a silver weapon. An upir’s corpse can also be brought out into the sunlight which turns it to ash.


Spell-Like Abilities

At will—haste, spider climb; 1/day alter self, gaseous form




Light Sensitivity

An upir who is brought into the sunlight loses its fast healing ability. Bright light causes the upir to fight at a -2 to hit.

Silver Weakness

Silver weapons do double damage.


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