House Bale

House Bale is one of the oldest merchant houses in Ferryport. They do not specialize in anything, instead having their hands in a little bit of everything. The current head of the family, Wain Bale, is a good looking man, loved by his family and workers. He can be a bit reclusive, but he never misses an event in Ferryport. He is one of the most vocal opponents to another Lordship, instead aligning with Silas Monta in forming a council to rule the city state.

Heathas Glycyn has been a guest of this house since her husband was deposed. Filac was an unhappy, unfriendly man, and she has disavowed his name and title and now goes by her maiden name, Heathas Lachnoran. (Due to his opposition to Filac Glycyn’s return to Lordship, and because his family is harboring Filac’s “traitorous” wife, Bale’s company his been the main target of Korin Glycyn’s piracy plot.)

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