Southgate Inn

A well known tavern in the southern part of the city, along the path to the South Gate of Ferryport. Owned by retired adventurer Ron Estrelli, the bar is decorated with various treasures and items from his travels. While it has always been a well-established inn and tavern, it has recently become even more well-known. The Ferryport Seven—the adventurers who toppled Lord Gylcyn’s rule by exposing his treachery—frequented this Inn, and since the Liberation, its business has tripled. The inn has since added a large back porch and extra rooms in an adjacent building to accommodate all the new visitors.

Owner – Ron Estrelli


  • Lvl5 Fighter: STR 14, DEX 11, Con 12, INT 13, WIS 10, CHA 12


  • Marge
  • Ophelia


Smoked Fresh Trout Fillets: 3sp
Spinach Mashed Potatoes: 3sp
Beef & Vegetable Casserole: 6sp
Prime Roast Sirloin: 6sp
Roasted Peppers Filled with a Mix of Cheeses: 3sp
Breaded Breast of Chicken: 6sp
Mutton, Lettuce and Tomato: 4sp
Boiled Callan Bacon & Cabbage Parsley Sauce: 4sp
Apple Stuffed Mushrooms: 7cp
Braised Oxtails with Mushrooms: 5sp
Pork Knuckle Roasted in Beer: 3sp
Smoked Salmon Salad: 4sp

Vodka: 8cp
Dwarven Spirits: 7cp
Rum: 8cp
Lager: 2cp
White Wine: 3cp
Elven Wine: 2sp
Whiskey: 8cp

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