The Second Mission

Ces 19th, 5704

Report from Matrick:

Destroying Supplies and Bowels at the Inn

Tilda, Stonespliter and I chose to undertake the most daring mission on the taskboard; raiding the supply wagon going from Kowal to Uthgar. We prepared by purchasing some shovels and then headed to the Northguard Inn where we knew the supply wagon would stop. We arrived ahead of them and then staggered our approach. The Northguard Inn is surrounded by stone walls and has a three story tower with two watchmen. You need only ask for admittance at the gate and they let you in.Tilda and Stonesplitter had already gone inside when the supply wagon arrived so I saw the arrival of the wagon which was ten feet wide, fifteen feet tall and fifteen feet long. It was pulled by a HUGE beast known as a Kudu and together they were too large to enter. The merchant and two guards went inside. The driver/animal handler stayed with the wagon. Lanterns were affixed around the wagon.

I went into the inn. Not only did the bar have a child in it, it was attempting to play music to the dismay of the entire inn. It sang a song about dwarf town in Kowal that made it sound like things were not going well for the dwarfs there. Fire and fighting were mentioned I believe. I tried to tune it out. I sat near the Kowal crew and tried to eavesdrop but I didn’t know their language. Tilda talked with a hidden agent at the inn who told us about more guards being in the wagon and that food would be delivered to them. Stonesplitter poisoned the food to destroy the guards’ bowels. Stonesplitter used a ploy of a threesome as an excuse for us all to go upstairs. I went upstairs and we did NOT have sex. We decided that I would leave the inn normally and they would sneak out and meet me in the woods.

I saw two plates of food handed over to those inside the wagon. Shortly afterwards a guard wearing a silver mask stumbled out to mud spray the walls. Tilda charged and attempted to stealthily take him down. Then Stonesplitter and I opened fire. I sank 8 arrows into the guard myself before he finally went down and Tilda was left nearly dead. Without healing options we decided not to risk taking on the other guard and potentially stirring the kudu awake. Tilda set the wagon ablaze and then Stonesplitter made the bold move to attack the sleeping Kudu with his sling. It woke up startled and perhaps scared of the fire and began to run still harnessed to the wagon. Well Tilda had also loosened and damaged a wagon wheel so even though the kudu burst loose the flaming wagon crashed and did some flipping. Inn guards did spot Stonesplitter earlier and I assume some people at the inn may be curious as to why Stonesplitter and Tilda aren’t in their rooms in the morning.

Thundersnow all the way home. Did not come across the loose kudu.

Posted in Shadows of the Swordspynes.