The self given name of the wizards of Eredar.

The Mages of the Tower are by far the most well known in the lands, or at least they are the ones that fill the stories. White haired old men with beards calling down lightning, throwing balls of fire, and causing the walls of the great castles to crumble. The wizards spent their time researching and classifying magic, they felt that magic could be defined and quantified. Their ability to warp energy was beyond any of the other magical groups of Uteria, and that power led to corruption. During the Great War, some wizards left to fight with Uthgard and the armies of the North, becoming the Nulthari. Others aligned themselves with the Aradan Kingdom in the South. Some stayed neutral. This infighting caused the fall and destruction of the Tower, all factions wanting control of the knowledge there.

A hundred years ago, a small group came back to the ruins of the Tower and began to rebuild. Though there was no magic to harness, they taught of the world and its ways. They pushed science and discovery, but often hit dead ends as they could not find common threads between different theories. One day a chemical substance would cause an explosion, and the next day it would not. They surmised that there was some force that altered the state of physics in Uteria.

During the Great War, magic twisted and destroyed the lands in the East, so when the Tower was rebuilt, both the people who studied there and the local governments built a separate tower for the Archeons, or Watchers. They were there to keep watch over the wizards and their power, so that no one could ever harness the great power that laid waste to the lands of the southeast.

Since magic has started to return, the Mages have begun to scour the lands for potential apprentices. At the same time, the Archeons are on the hunt for those who abuse the power or magic.

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