Orum and Kala

Human Myth

Orum and Kala, the god of time and the goddess of fate. For untold millennia they lived in the universe together, unaware of each others presence. One day, while surveying the universe Orum saw Kala. She sat among the stars, her red hair a swirling vortex and her body dancing as she wove through the stars.

He immediately approached her and began to sing to her of the universe. She smiled, her eyes twinkling so brightly it seemed to dull the stars around her, and returned the song. Her song wove with his and they completed each other in a chorus that allowed the stars and planets to twirl and dance.

Orum then reached out with his hand and gestured for Kala to follow him, but she did not. She continued to sing, but Orum had left. While he traveled across the universe he thought of Kala and her song. It was the same as his song, but it made him think of not just being, of what was to be, and this caused him to stop. He had never looked beyond what is, to think of what is to be. He then wondered when he had last seen her, and when he might see her again and these things puzzled him.

At this time Orum became aware of time, and with this knowledge he gained control over it. Seeing the answer he stopped time and rushed back to Kala, so they might dance among the still stars, but when he arrived back she had stopped singing.

“Why have you stopped your beautiful song?”

“Because there is nothing to sing to my love.”

“You can sing to me and we can dance among the universe.”

“But not if there is nothing to look forward to, without times passing I have no reason to be.”

With this Orum allowed time to start again and with a smile Kala began to sing again. And then Orum realized his own fate.

“I shall stand here with you now Kala, and watch over the universe with you. I will watch the now, the future and the past and understand. But when the planets stop turning and time has found it’s own fate, I shall be here to catch you and we shall walk side by side through the universe together, complete.”

With that the gray haired elf pointed to the stars, “See there young ones, that group of stars with the outstretched arm? That is Kala, watching over us and our future, guiding us with a gentle hand. And there next to her, that small groups of stars, that is the buckle of Orum’s belt, showing where he stands next to her faithfully, watching his own task, but staying forever close to her, for one day they shall be united forever.

Elven Myth

Back when there were still many beginnings,

and the Song still new,

the two, Orum and Kala,

guides of the cycles of time,

traversed between the stars.


Kala, her path straight and narrow,

looked to the future and sang it into existence.

She wove the future for worlds old and new,

and on she moved, ever forward.


Orum sat among the stars,

watching over the infant universe.

His was a song of remembrance,

committing to record all that had been.


It was thus that Trund swung his great hammer,

its blow splintering time, and stopping the song.


In this silence, the song interrupted,

Orum and Kala looked up from their tasks.

They looked upon one another for the first time,

their gazes meeting, and understanding dawning.


For the first time, Orum thought of the future

as he sang of the past,

and Kala questioned the song spun

by her narrow vision of the future.


Both looked to the Creator for answers,

but he was no longer there.

The absolute and the certainty of the future

was no longer.


And so Kala’s melody of the future

became a symphony of possibilities.

And with this Orum smiled,

his song changing to complement hers,

to encompass many visions of the past.


Both smiled as they looked upon one another,

singing in harmony of the things that may come,

the things that may be,

and the things that might have been.

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