An Orvocropse is not a sentient creature as it is a vehicle for fungal infection. Host creatures become infected with the fungus and if not treated, the fungus takes over the motor function of the creature. Often a hard wood like protrusion forms around and past the head and the hands/feet become enlarged and knotted with bark like protrusions. It is unknown if the host maintains consciousness, but the fungus controls the creature and the only focus seems to be the spread of the spores upon death or contact.


These creatures seem to have some sort of intelligence, as they migrate to populous areas. Stories of the Orvocorpse are most prevalent in the old kingdom of Uthgard, and anyone who sees a creature of this description will avoid it at all costs. Every city has orders to shoot anything with any symptom with flaming arrows, as fire seems to only sure way to stop the spread of the spores.



Challenge Rating: 4

Size: Medium

Type: Plant

Initiative: -2



Hit Points: 31

Armor Class: 17, touch 8, flat footed 17 (-2 Dex, +9 Natural)

Saves: Fort +8 Ref +1 Will +3

Weakness: Vulnerable to Fire


Speed: 10ft

Base Attack: +5

Melee: 2 Claws +7 (1d6+2)

Ranged: –

Special Attacks: Disease



Abilities: STR 14, DEX 7, CON 15, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10

Skills: Acrobatics -2, Athletics +2,  Awareness +0, Endurance +2, Knowledge +0, Persuasion +0, Spellcraft +0, Survival +0, Thievery +0

Talents:  Blind Fight

Special Qualities: Plant qualities


Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary, Pair, Swarm


Treasure: N/A



Zombie spores: claw—injury; save Fortitude DC 18; onset 1d3 days; frequency 1/day; effect 1d3 Dex damage, 1d4 Con damage; cure 2 consecutive saves. The save DC is Constitution-based.

After 1 week without a cure, the infected creature will begin to develop hardened patches of skin on the face and extremities. On the second week, every hour the infected must make a Will save, DC 20, or slump to the ground, unable to perform any actions, staring vacantly ahead as the fungus begins to take control of their mind. After 30 days without a cure, the victim’s hands, head, and feet are completely encased in a hard bark-like substance. Upon waking on the 30 day, they are compelled to find nearby living creatures and spread the fungus, without concern for their own life.


Death Throes

An Orvocorpse explodes when it is destroyed. All creatures within 10 feet of the creature must make a Reflex save of 20, or be covered by fungal spores. Anyone who fails the save is infected by the zombie spores disease. After 1 round, the spores become harmless due to their exposure to the air.


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