The Druids are a group of magic users who have watched over the lands for thousands of years. They believe in finding balance in peace with oneself and the world around you.

In the past the Druidic Order had groves set up in every major city and were often sought as counselors and advisers. They are no longer sought in this way, though two cities, Bordon and Seahaven, still have open and populated groves.

Old symbol (no longer officially supported by the order) – a silver dragons eating the tail of a black dragon.


From the Tome of the Arts:

The ancient Druids were formed from tribal magic users who found themselves drawn to the forests, deserts, and other natural places of Uteria. They were heavily influenced by the Elves, seeing magic as part of everything around, a fabric of the world that extended beyond the self and into the stars. Still, following the tendency of humans, they tried to define it, finding the five elements of magic – fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. They also defined the three sources – self, world, and spirit. This differed from the view of magic of the Elves, which simply put is there is no magic, there is life.

As the Druids progressed, they formed larger communities, knit by a want to make the world a better place. They became the advisors to kings, the lorekeepers, and observers. They built Groves, or places of meeting and meditation, a direct influence from the Elves. These Groves were found inside or around all major cities. In Seladar, the capital of the Aradan Kingdom, the king’s castle was built in the center of a Grove itself.

During the Great War, the Druids spent their time defending cities attacked by aggressors, never taking to the offense. Though there was some internal debate to this course of action, it held until the end of the war and the Disappearance.

After the war the Druids lost much of their power, many looking to them as archaic and blasphemous in the time that followed. Those of the Church persecuted them, causing the Groves to fall, and the Druids to become all but extinct.

Seahaven was the one refuge for the Druids. Not as touched by the war as many other places, they were allowed to keep their Grove and tomes in the city proper. As magic has come back into the world, the Druids have begun to expand, finding those who share their views and beliefs to join their ranks. They spent their time rebuilding Groves or searching for old ones, hoping to find some of the vast knowledge lost by war.

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